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Hiring Substation Design Lead Engineer-Manager For Algeria

job Description

WHO CAN APPLY: Only INDIAN candidates currently available in India

CLIENT: International EPC Contractor

JOB TYPE: Permanent / Long Term

QUALIFICATIONS: BE / B Tech / ME / M Tech in Electrical Engineering

EXPERIENCE: Around 10-15 years relevant experience in EHV/UHV - AIS/GIS Substation Design projects

MUST HAVE: Substantial Secondary Design experience in Primary Substation projects.

Detailed Job Description


  1. As a Lead Engineer / Coordinator / Manager at Front office / Project site, the person shall ensure that the engineering activities of the project takes place within stipulated time (w.r.t. both quality & cost). She / He shall ensure the adherence to L2 / L4 / L6 schedule during execution of the project. She / He shall network with respective Engineering Manager on optimizations/ alternate proposals / solutions for quick delivery of the project with a positive margin
  2. She / He shall perform inter-discipline coordination (Electrical, Civil, Structural, MEP & Instrumentation), with Local Engineering & Design Agency, Vendor etc, if applicable and enable Engineering Manager/ Engg team to complete the task on time.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. He /she will be single point contact for Engineering Office at Front office level for the Project. His/her counterparts in Engineering HO is Engineering Manager or discipline lead engineers, depending on the detail level of the issue.
  2. Coordinate with Project Planning Manager and ensure engineering deliveries are aligned to Project Schedule (if applicable). Notify and inform Engineering HO about any possible delays and for issues likely to affect engineering progress and schedule.
  3. Conduct regular project review meetings with Engineering Manager of the project and ensure adherence to schedule
  4. Attend meetings with client, visit client regularly, establish direct relationship with client technical staff and expedite document approvals and reduce number of revisions need by providing clarifications, technical explanations.
  5. Proposing the improvisation in Specification to client based on PT&D expertise in other regions for cost and time optimization.
  6. Delivering engineering documents to client in softcopy and keeping record of soft copy deliveries as DCI.
  7. Keeping the design progress report up-to-date and circulating it to project stakeholders weekly.
  8. Ensure EDMS is up-to-date and provide copy of client submittals and comments are saved in EDMS.
  9. Check ALIGN and ensure engineering progress is reflected to ALIGN and pending issues are recorded properly in ALIGN Issue Register. Follow up issues assigned to Engineering Office in ALIGN Issue Register, propose solutions and expedite.
  10. ECN prepared by Engineering Manager shall be coordinated with Project Manager for obtaining necessary approval/clearance.
  11. In case needed, EC will assist Engineering Manager and may partly/fully be allocated for below design activities, after consultation with HE-BU or Engineering Manager, especially for design portions subcontracted to local design offices of respective country
    1. Review of designs, calculations & drawings and ensure their timely submissions for obtaining approvals from customer
    2. Enable & review accurate estimation in terms of quantity for submission of Bill of Materials
    3. Coordinate BIM implementation activities for Engg through Engineering Manager in the projects, as applicable for the project
    4. Coordinate procurement issues and extend support to Supply Chain management for ensuring order finalization for Vendor Engineering.
    5. Extend support for BOQ, review of pre-bid offers and technical submissions & provide post-tender clarifications (after clarification from vendors) to the Engineering Manager, as applicable.
    6. Review Vendor evaluation (w.r.t. technical specification requirement of the client)
    7. Review & Coordinate with Engineering Manager and support for issuance of Manufacturing Clearance by undertaking and facilitating necessary communication with suppliers
  12. Clarification of technical issues w.r.t. vendors targeting timely delivery of materials at project site.
  13. Review critical issues and procedural delays w.r.t. design aspects of equipment and extend support to Site Execution teams on design related issues.
  14. He/She shall be able to interact with client and obtain necessary clarification on the deliverables and provide it to Engineering Manager.
    1. He /She shall coordinate with Civil Engg / MEP Engg Coordinator in the Region / office, as applicable.
    2. Searching for local design offices in his/her respective country, proposing new design partners to Engineering Office and assisting Engineering HO for evaluation of their capability. Communicating with local design office in case some portion of design is subcontracted.
    3. Keeping and reporting country specific lessons learnt and reporting the same to Central office


  1. Capable of Multitasking and deliver multiple things on time. Preferably from design background.
  2. As Built drawing Preparation co-ordination with Engineering Manager.
  3. Weekly / Monthly progress review meeting attending with Client.

Drop us a line with your CV & tell us how your profile fits the criteria resume@vanshconsulting.com 

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Job overview

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