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Hiring Painting Engineer For Saudi Arabia

job Description

POSITION: Transmission Line Tower Painting Engineer (Erosion Protection)

WHO CAN APPLY: Only INDIAN candidates.

BENEFITS: Excellent Tax-Free Salary Package + Family Status.

CLIENT: International EPC Contractor.

JOB TYPE: Permanent / Long Term.

QUALIFICATIONS: BE / B Tech / ME / M Tech in Mechanical Engineering / Painting Technology + NACE CIP or equivalent certification.

EXPERIENCE: Around 10 TO 15 years.

MUST HAVE: Experience in Transmission Line Towers.

JOB SUMMARY: The Transmission Line Tower Painting Engineer specializes in the application of protective coatings on transmission line towers to prevent erosion and maintain optimum performance. This role involves coordinating all aspects of tower painting works, from planning and execution to quality control and project management. The engineer should possess both technical expertise in coating materials and knowledge of the specific requirements for erosion protection in Saudi Arabia.


1. Planning and Preparation:
Evaluate tower conditions, considering environmental factors, to determine the appropriate erosion protection measures.( As per Contract)
Develop project plans, including timelines, resource requirements, and cost estimates.
Coordinate with relevant stakeholders, including project managers, field teams, and subcontractors, to ensure smooth project execution.
Conduct pre-paint inspections to document tower conditions and identify any necessary repairs.

2. Coating Selection and Application:
Select appropriate coating materials based on tower specifications, environmental conditions, and erosion protection requirements.
Prepare surfaces through appropriate methods to ensure proper adhesion of coatings.
Apply coatings following established industry standards and best practices, ensuring adequate coverage and thickness.
Utilize appropriate equipment and techniques, such as airless spray systems, to achieve desired results.
Monitor and control environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) during the painting process to ensure optimal adhesion and curing.

3. Quality Control and Inspection:
Conduct regular inspections to ensure proper coating application techniques and adherence to project specifications.
Perform adhesion, thickness, and visual inspections to verify quality and durability of the protective coating.
Identify and rectify any defects or deviations from project requirements.
Communicate with project stakeholders regarding progress, challenges, and potential solutions.

4. Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance:
Follow relevant safety guidelines and procedures, ensuring a safe working environment during all painting operations.
Comply with environmental regulations and utilize safe disposal methods for hazardous materials.
Identify and mitigate potential hazards associated with tower painting works.

5. Documentation and Reporting:
Maintain detailed records of paint specifications, material usage, and project-related documentation.
Prepare progress reports, including project summaries, material consumption, and any issues encountered during the painting process.
Collaborate with project managers to ensure accurate recording of project expenses and adherence to budgetary constraints.

6. General:
Proven experience in transmission line tower painting or a similar field.
In-depth knowledge of erosion protection methods and coating materials.
Familiarity with relevant industry standards, codes, and regulations.
Strong project management skills, including planning, scheduling, and cost control.
Proficient in utilizing coating application equipment and techniques.
Excellent attention to detail and strong analytical skills.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
Ability to work effectively in a team and adapt to varying project requirements.
Familiarity with health, safety, and environmental protocols in the construction industry.

INDIAN candidates currently available in Saudi Arabia with Transferable Iqama / Visa can also apply.

Drop us a line with your CV & tell us how your profile fits the criteria 

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Job overview

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