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Hiring Structural Engineering Expert for Chennai

job Description

JOB TYPE: Permanent / Long Term.

WORK LOCATION: Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

CLIENT: Global EPC Contractor

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for timely, innovative, cost effective and workable engineering solutions for innovative and complex Structural Engineering challenges identified by the company, for Substation, Transmission Lines, Renewables.

QUALIFICATIONS: Doctorate (PhD) in the field of Structural Engineering

1. Around 7 to 10 years relevant experience in Fluid Dynamics, ANSYS / ABAQUS Software in Steel Structures. The experience shall cover practice in real time operating projects in the industry and in academics.

2. Exposure in Renewable Energy sectors like Solar Tracker / Wind Power, Power Transmission industry, Oil & Gas, Construction in the field of Structural Engineering.

3. Experience in analysing structures (Steel or Concrete) subjected to mechanical / operating loads, mechanical vibrations, knowledge about CFD analysis, Wind Tunnel Study, load stresses and behaviour of structures would be an advantage.


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Job overview

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